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Santorini, Greece


You know what the inside of your home looks like. See something new! You need a vacation. I have the connections.  I'll plan your escape...where do you want to go?

Trips By Design is a full-service travel agency. Unlike a travel website, I will customize an itinerary specific to you! I have local relationships in most countries throughout the world, so I can plan those little details that will make your trip unforgettable. We are also affiliated with TravelStore, a globally recognized award-winning travel agency!

Do you want to stay in a boutique hotel or a luxury resort with complimentary VIP extras?  New to international travel and nervous about planning a trip on your own?  Want to join a group tour but not sure how? You love cruises but don't know what the best room for you on the ship?

Don't worry - I've got you covered!

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